A 10cm model (price is plus design fees if there are any major variations from the standard RIB shape or size)

Everything can be customised to suit you, from logos and names to colour schemes and extras
Once we recieve your order we will request photos and other details to work from and send designs for your aproval
Every product is made to order
Customised RIB from £39
10 cm model
Perfect to put on a white boards
Great for crew briefings or race plans
Colours and layouts to suit you
Magnetic RIB £45
Trailer to match 10cm RIB £19
Land rover tow vehicle £19
Safe Water, Isolated Danger, Emergency Wreck Mark, MOB figure
4 x Cardinals
2 x Pairs of Laterals, inc PCM layers
3 x Mooring Buoys
4 x Special Purpose Buoys
2 x Tide and 1 x Wind arrows
Full Set of Buoyage £49 - 20pcs
13cm Model

Includes stand and wind arrow
Coastguard Helicopter £29
Pontoon Set £25
4 Piles, 2 Pontoons, 3 Finger pontoon, 2 Ladders, 2 Water boxes and 2 Fire boxes

A great addition to any training or planning setup
Prices include VAT
Lit Model Lateral Marks £4 each or £19 for 3 pairs
Self-contained models aprox 20mm accross, these model navigation buoys have a stead-on light in either red or green to suit.

They really bring a chart to life and help trainees to visualise the night approach to port, harbour or river.

Set of 6 -

Replacement light -
Mounting Board for training radio
Laser engraved with your logo as well as station name, callsign and MMSI

3mm Plywood 220mm x 150mm £4 each

6mm Plywood 210mm x 148mm £11 each
RYA Courses
RIB Rides / Charter
3D Models
Radio Equipment
Buoyage Allsorts £19
A set of 12 coloured magnetic tiles

Ideal for carrying in a pocket, so you can easily and readily demonstrate the colour coding of buoyage or pop them on a whiteboard to give context

As your trainees to show you the colours for the navigation mark you are discussing
The Cardinals and Laterals come apart into 3 layers, so your students can see how colour combinations and shape work together to make buoyage easy to recognise and understand. Its a great tactile way to learn!